Sunday, February 7, 2016


Ryan Reynolds     Ed Skrein     Morena Baccarin     T. J. Miller     Stefan Kapicic     Brianna Hildebrand

          This latest Marvel Comics production is sure to please the fans.  Loaded with heroics and physically impossible altercations and gun battles, it mixes in plenty of humor, excitement, and pathos.  Wade Wilson (Reynolds) was a Special Forces operative who was experimentally treated for cancer by Ajax (Skrein), which left his face woefully disfigured, although he is given super powers that seem to compensate very well.  He has taken the name of Deadpool, and is out to wreak revenge on the perpetrator, while as a mercenary, he dispenses with bad guys. 
         Meanwhile, he has fallen in love with the beautiful Vanessa (Baccarin) and plans to get right back to her after he has taken care of his enemy.  He will need to have help, primarily from the Colossus (Kapicic), who is still trying to persuade Deadpool to join the X-Men, and Colossus’ sidekick Negasonic Teenage Warhead (Hildebrand) who can transform herself into a fiery cannonball, leaving violent explosions in her wake.  Moral support comes from Deadpool’s old friend and barkeep, Weasel (Miller). 
        Director Tim Miller and his colleagues have used special effects to great advantage in the action scenes that in addition to countless hand-to-hand combat also involve screeching car crashes on freeways, explosions, and huge buildings taking a giant slide down the hill.  Composer Junkie XL has provided a musical score that blends well with the action scenes and tender moments—sometimes with a little humor.
     Reynolds holds his own in the lead role, and Ed Skrein makes a fearsome evil counterpart.  The love scenes between Reynolds and Baccarin have just the right mixture of sexy and funny to keep up entertainment value.  Kapicic and Hildebrand as the Colossus and partner provide extra color and interest.

Marvel Comics fans will consume this concoction with relish.

Grade:  B+                                                 By Donna R. Copeland


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