BEST OF 2019


1.  Motherless Brooklyn– (Edward Norton).  A private detective with Tourette’s tries to find his mentor’s killer.
2.  Parasite– South Korea (Bong Joon Ho).  In a highly entertaining and moving story, vivid contrast is drawn between two families—one rich and the other poor.
3.  Joker– (Todd Phillips)– Origin of DC Comics’ Joker, showing how he came to be who he is.
4.  Jojo Rabbit– New Zealand (Taika Waititi).  A coming-of-age story about a young German boy in Nazi training who evolves from hero-worship to a real understanding of war.
5.  The Last Black Man in San Francisco– (Joe Talbot).  The profound influence that one’s dreams can have on identity and on goals in life.
6.  Once Upon a Time in Hollywood– (Quentin Tarantino).  A fading Hollywood western star facing decline is supported by his stunt double in a film loaded with references to other films.
7.  Farewell– (Lulu Wang).  A dramatic comedy about a Chinese extended family trying to deal with the grandmother’s illness.
8. Mustang-  France (Laure de Clermont-Tonnerre). Both the prisoner and the mustang get their wildness tamed in this impressive program.
9.  Ad Astra– (James Gray).  A cool astronaut is sent on a mission to find his missing astronaut father, whom the Space Agency believes has gone rogue.
10. Knives Out– (Rian Johnson).  A detective comes to investigate a possible suicide in the home of a wealthy, quirky family.

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