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Jennifer Saunders   Joanna Lumley   Jane Horrocks   Celia Imre

          Silly, silly women!  I can’t imagine women of today making a film like this that shows the worst of women—foolish, vain, oblivious of consequences, hysterical—I could go on.  Absolutely Fabulous is a movie based on an apparently popular British sitcom.  The main stars of the TV series are in the film:  Jennifer Saunders as Edina, a PR agent for celebrities particularly in the London fashion world; and Joanna Lumley as Patsy, who is associated with a magazine and is Edina’s sponging best friend.  Both are heavy boozers and chain-smokers, and they show the worst of women.  Lumley overdoes things with her mouth that are supposed to be funny, but just seem ludicrous to me. 
         Perhaps the film is a spoof of the London fashion scene (I wouldn’t really know, but assume so).  Going against that theme, Edina dresses in the most outrageous costumes and shoes, which are intended to make her character even funnier.  The film does contain cameos galore of famous people like Kate Moss, Jon Hamm, Gwendoline Christie, Jerry Hall, Stella McCartney, Rebel Wilson, Joan Collins and scores of others.  When Edina and Patsy crash a London runway show (Edina has hopes of getting Moss to hire her as agent), a major incident occurs when Moss ends up falling (being pushed?) off the balcony into the Thames River and disappearing for days.  Because of the circumstances under which it occurs, Edina and Patsy must go on the run, and they decide upon Cannes, France, where they can hide from the police and super angry fans.  This also provides a gorgeous scenic backdrop for the rest of the film.
      Mandie Fletcher directed some of the TV episodes and this film, with Saunders providing the scripts.  (Dawn French was her collaborator on the original sketches.)  Included in this cast are actors from the television series including Jane Horrocks as Edina’s assistant Bubble, Julia Sawalha as her daughter, and June Whitfield as her mother. 
      Overall, it’s a mystery to me as to how so many people have loved the Ab Fab productions; I could hardly sit through this one.

This will appeal to people who enjoy slapstick British comedy.

Grade:  F                                    By Donna R. Copeland

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